Akumulatorska bušilica/odvijač

Cordless screwdriver/driller
Model br. 2770 AA
  • Unique 14,4V drill/driver that combines the lowest weight and highest torque
  • Lithium-Ion technology: no memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready for use
  • 2 mechanical speeds, high speed for drilling and high power for tough screwdriving
Corded drill/screwdriver
Model br. 6222 AB
  • Corded drill/driver: non-stop power, no battery, no charging time
  • Environment-friendlier than comparable products with battery
  • Compact lightweight design with 6 meter cord for optimal working comfort
Vibraciona brusilica
Vibrating sander
Model br. 7380 AA
  • Effective sanding action and powerful motor for fast, smooth material removal
  • Integrated dust-collection system with dustbag
  • Optimal choice of sandpapers: paper hold by means of Velcro or clamps
Ubodna testera
Model br. 4581 CD
  • The Multi Drill that also drills in concrete
  • 10 mm keyless chuck with lock
  • Spindle-lock for quick and easy accessory change
Angle grinder
Model br. 9780 AA
  • Heavy duty grinder for rough applications i.e. grinding solid metals and castings, fast removal of burrs, smoothing of large welding seams, deep metal cutting, sheet metal brushing and de-rusting and cutting concrete or paving stones.
  • High quality components ensure reliability and a long life time of the tool
  • Side handle can be mounted on three positions resulting in comfortable handling in any situation.
Univerzalna testera
Reciproacting saw
Model br. 4900 AK
  • Powerful and durable reciprocating saw
  • Ideal for a wide variety of cutting applications such as demolition cutting, pruning and tree trimming
  • Variable speed for controlled cutting in delicate materials or high-speed results
Višenamijenski alat
Multi tool
Model br. 1470 AA
  • Sanding, sawing and cutting with just one tool
  • Multi-functional tool that can perform a wide variety of applications
  • The powerful 200 Watt motor provides sufficient power to do the job
Model br. 5840 AA
  • A circular saw is the fastest and easiest way to cut accurately along a straight line in all types of wood
  • Powerful 700 watt motor and high speed (4.300 r.p.m.) for cutting at depths up to 40 mm
  • Ergonomically superior design for optimal control and guidance. Handle angle like a handsaw for optimal hand/arm positioning